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Raku Firing with Andrew Cummins

Andrew Cummins discusses the ancient art of pottery making, with an emphasis on raku firing. “Raku” is a Japanese term which roughly translates to “happy in the accident”, in reference to the random patterns that the heat & smoke create. It is also the Japanese surname of the family traditionally associated with the pottery style. …

Cristina Cordova : InFrame

Cristina Cordova is a sculptor based in North Carolina. Originally from Puerto Rico, Cordova was studying engineering when she decided to quit her program and follow her dreams of being an artist. In her picturesque studio she creates arresting clay figures that are both personal and universal. Her work is exhibited as part of the…

How To Decorate Ceramic Flower Pot Rims

Bill van Gilder shows us how to make flower pots, and especially how to manipulate the rims and texture the wall surfaces. He is using 6 pounds of clay per pot in this video. The clay is an iron bearing, mid range stoneware called Red Rock from Highwater Clays in Asheville, North Carolina. He will be wood firing…

simon leach

SIMON LEACH Throws an egg!

How To Throw an Egg? The amazing Simon Leach – from Simon Leach Potteries, author of the fantastic book “Simon Leach’s Pottery Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Throwing Beautiful, Functional Pots” – shows us the process of throwing an egg-shaped closed vessel. Why not have a go yourself this week, and like he says, Just…

Ayumi Horie – White Pots

A look into Ayumi Horie’s studio practice. Using porcelain, she shows how to dry throw bowls, plates, a match striker, and applies decals to pottery. She talks about the importance of touch and the haptic in life and what it means to make slow pots. All in all, some really interesting ideas that force the viewer…

Primitive Technology: Creating a Forge Blower

Wow, just wow! This guy is amazing. If i didn’t have an electric kiln I would be building my own wood fired kiln, creating about 10 of these and inviting some friends over to help fire the kiln… amazing! He even makes some Iron at the end just to test the temperature! The human spirit…

How to make a Ceramic Colander

One of the things that happens when you focus too much on pottery is that you only make cups and  bowls and vases… you forget that there are loads of other things to make – like ceramic colanders! Well don’t worry, Patricia Bridges from Bridges Pottery is here to show us how to make a ceramic…

Michael Casson – The Craft of the Potter – Throwing

Michael Casson was one of the pioneers in the renaissance of studio pottery in the post-war period, a greatly respected and a charismatic teacher and educator who influenced several generations of potters. After reading Bernard Leach’s 1940 A Potter’s Book, Casson responded positively to its concept of unity and wholeness, and its advocacy of functional…

Isaac Button – Country Potter

Isaac Button was the last true English country potter. In a day, he could turn a ton of clay into pots. When timed he threw a lump of clay on to the wheel, pulled it high, then cut it off with wire in 22 seconds. In an hour, he could turn out 120 pots. In…

How to roll a foot on a bowl and cup

A short video demonstrating a super simple way to “roll” a foot on to a small bowl and a cup, instead of turning it. Have you seen or used this technique before? What do you think of it? Do you want more content like this direct to your inbox? Don’t worry, we don’t sell or…

Coil building in Gakoigo pottery village

I love two things about this video: 1) The clay they are using looks exceptional; a coarse and plastic body, which they handle very wet. The addition of extra water during the building process makes the process akin to throwing. 2) They are using this wet clay to build upside down pots – as eventually the perfect…

Traditional Handicrafts of Jingdezhen

Feel the magnificent craftsmanship of traditional Jingdezhen porcelain. From the harvesting of Kaolin clay, purification, molding, outlining, painting, glazing to the building and firing in the 1300 C kiln. A remarkable feat of ‪Jingdezhen‬ potters – and more exciting to watch than any action movie in the Cinema! Do you want more content like this direct…

Ronald Pothier : Making a Stoneware Teapot

How teapots are made on a throwing wheel. Pottery made from Stoneware clay. Ronald Pothier is a potter from Quebec. Watch as he transforms a hunk of clay into a finished teapot. Do you want more content like this direct to your inbox? Don’t worry, we don’t sell or spam your email address. You can…

Making Ceramic Texture Rollers Stamps

When it comes to texturing clay there are so many different ways to do it – one of the best ways to create your own style or brand of texturing is to make your own roller stamps! These make your ceramic pieces unique to you, as no one else can buy your handmade stamps! Creating…

How to kintsukuroi – Kintsugi, Japanese gold repair

Kintsukuroi (Kintsugi) : What is kintsugi? How can you use kintsugi to repair your broken pottery? What do you need to do Kintsugi? Find out here 🙂

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