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My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel, Everything to do with Ceramics

Pottery Wheel

Creative Industries

Clay body


Clay Brand

Aardvark Nara 5 and Armadillo Cinco Rojo

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

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Oxidation Atmosphere




Dry dipping glazes; Amaco, Coyote and Spectrum pints

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About Me


Hi, my name is Teresa and I work in my home studio in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. I am currently making functional ceramics, mosty tableware and some decor, but I am interested in sculpture as well as artistic functional ware. I’m also interested in mold-making to start some slipware experimentation. So little time!

What I Love about Ceramics

I love the basic simplicity of making material goods from the bountiful earth. I love the feel of clay in my hands as it becomes an object fit for use, or that inspires with beauty. I love making objects that other people enjoy and want to use in their homes.

How I started with ceramics

I started handbuilding at my kitchen table with one bag of clay even before I had a kiln or anyway to fire anything. I just couldn’t get my hands out of the clay! I cleared a space in the garage and bought a used Skutt, then a used wheel, and now ten years later, I am blessed and privileged to have a backyard studio. New Skutt, same wheel!

What inspires me

I am inspired by color and imagination. I am also inspired by simple beauty and finding joy in common artifacts that make up our home life such as tableware and cooking and serving pots. Everyday joy.

What I'm working on at the moment

Consistency. Currently that means keeping my Etsy shop better stocked with functional serving ware and establishing a production cycle.

My Artist Statement

I don’t really have one. I make simple serving ware that I would like to own and am thrilled that others want to own some, too. I am curious and enthusiastic about learning new things.