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Hello I am Trish an emerging creative artist.

I live on the east coast of Australia close. But I come from all over Australia. All my works are unique no two pieces are the same, but normally when I make a functional vessel it is followed by a mini sculpture.

Mostly my work is slipware (sadly do not have the wrist/hand strength for anything more), I have progressed into making my own molds.  Clay is something I keep coming back to, hope to one day explore 3D printing and ceramics. I have used 3D printed objects as stamps. But would love to explore more. I am also in love with Japanese cereamics particularly nerikomi pottery or agate ware. Beautiful coloured clay with clear glaze and dressing it up with screen-printed image.

My newest project is – exploring/researching and make: – shortbread dished molded from designed plastics of today. with 3D printed embossed pop culture designs to create a unique modern shortbread dish to be used for every celebration and to bring interest in a lost specific cultural dish. Have you seen a shortbread dish lately? are they part of your culture? I am really curious to know more.

My Artist Statement

Graduated Bachelor of Creative Arts (BCA – Major DESIGN and ART (2019) focus on  humanity beyond traditions past, present and future with the aim of connection, diversity, mentoring, inclusion and technology. Have a keen interest for researching new and old ideas, technology, art and design. My husbands Japanese heritage has guided my studio practice. Backgrounds are diverse, having acquired a range of technical knowledge, including research into Japanese art, studio practices a specialty materials.
My creative arts practice is designed to be diverse and playful often including Pop culture, or abstract works to either inform viewers of a current issue/celebration and/or to simply allow the viewer to take a moment and be in a space. In our trouble world, it is more important than ever to inspire others or connect as a community.. Blending studios/media/techniques, processes, experimental works.
Ceramics is long love life passion, that I keep coming back to, learning new processes and pushing the norm. I had prior experience with ceramics before university, while there I blended photography (documentation of hereditary item), digital design (Pop culture of my generation), screen-printing.


Latest Exhibition for ceramics
November 2019 | #DinnerTime, student Graduation exhibition, Southern Cross University V Block, Lismore

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I thank you kindly for stopping by

Cheers Trish

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