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First Name

Manuel Ignacio

Last Name

Rodríguez Jiménez


Manuel Ignacio

My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel, Sculpting

Pottery Wheel

Shimpo model V-Lite

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware

Clay Brand

Laguna Clay

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Oxidation Atmosphere


Cone 5


I don’t like glaze by now

You can buy my work from

‘La Macetería de Manuel Ignacio’ in facebook

About Me


Manuel Ignacio here, i’m from Jalisco, México, i use to work with ceramics creating bonsai pots, succulent pots and sculpture, this is a part-time job, as if it like a hobby; somehow i’m an older guy doing new things, (50 years old and 8 years ago doing ceramic).

What I Love about Ceramics

Everything, (sorry, i can’t be more specific).

How I started with ceramics

When i was a child i used to create mud figures, later watching wheel throwers in festivals i get hooked but never asked for more, (i hadn’t developed more interest).

What inspires me

To visualize the results of my efforts.

What I'm working on at the moment

Bonsai pots, nothing more than that.

My Artist Statement

I don’t have any statement by now.