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Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel, Sculpting, Everything to do with Ceramics

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Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain

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Amherst Potters Supply

Kiln Type

Gas Kiln, Pit firing

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Reduction Atmosphere


saggar and cone 10 reduction


Saggar fire no glaze

Cone 10 reduction

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About Me


I am Judith Motzkin. I have been working in clay for over 40 years. I make urns for ashes –SpiritKeeper Urns; I make stoneware pots for baking bread — BreadPots; I make sculptures, installations and assemblages using clay as central medium. I live in Massachusetts. My studio is in an old stable in Cambridge and my gas kilns are in the woods of Wellfleet on Cape Cod.

What I Love about Ceramics

What I love about ceramics is the intersection of the science of the material, cultural history, flexibility and accessibility. The job requires such a variety of skills and activities. I believe it is useful to know a lot about one thing and a little about a lot of things. This medium gives opportunity to do just that. It never is without challencges.

How I started with ceramics

I was walking past the “pot shop” in the student union at Cornell University when I walked in and picked up a piece of clay. I signed up, then and there, for beginner classes. Within 6 months I was teaching throwing and went on to work at the shop as a student job through college. At the time I was studying Asian Art History.

What inspires me

I was a student of Asian Art History, writing about the development of porcelain in Tang Dynasty China when I first touched that material. I did my first raku firing while learning the history of the Korea-Japan pottery wars. I am influenced by asian history of ceramics and by Mexican and Native American clay.

What I'm working on at the moment

work work work, tis the season.

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