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My Ceramics

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Handbuilding, Sculpting

Pottery Wheel


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Electric Kiln


1040 single fire


I like to single fire and very new to glazes so experimenting with wood ash over engobes

About Me


Hello, my name is Elaine Brett aka veggieartistdanslebrenne…which pretty much sums me up.  I trained as a fine artist (painter) at Manchester M.U then an MA in public art, taught freelance via galleries/museums before moving to France to live self sufficiently, renovate an old farmhouse and develop my practice.  I currently work in paper clay which I make and after firing, paint the surfaces with ink, still very much a clay baby ???? with massive room for development.

My Artist Statement

my work has been extremely eclectic over the last 20 years oscillating between 2 and 3D my only consistencies have been a love of re cycled materials, an insatiable desire to push boundaries and an unstoppable will to create.

links revisited, the chakra roses was a collaborative project with year 10 students from Bedford high school in Leigh, 7 large scale papier-mâché sculptures formed over found fencing wire whose petals could be opened to indicate spiritual growth, they were painted with inks and some embellished with beads, and ended their creative life on exhibition outside the Whitworth art gallery, Manchester.


during my career as freelance artist I led many workshops culminating in exhibitions in North West galleries.  (The turnpike, gallery Oldham, Salford city and the Whitworth to name a few).  I was InSet artist for The Lowry, Salford from 2001-2004 (being the subject of a little film for CBBC illustrating how to make a mixed media ‘Portrait of Anne’ painting) and had an exhibition at the Whitworth Art Gallery ‘links revisited, the chakra roses’ from 1st-31st March 2007.