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My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Sculpting, Slip casting

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain

Clay Brand

Mainly Keanes and Feeneys



About Me

What I Love about Ceramics

I love the organic nature of working with clay – the constant balance between control and lack of control. I love it when something works out exactly as I planned – but I love it even more when some magic chemistry happens creating something wonderful and unexpected.

How I started with ceramics

I’ve always liked creative processes but concentrated on painting and drawing for many years – until I started dabbling with sculpture about 10 years ago and found it came more naturally to me. I did some bronze casting courses and joined a bronze sculpture group. We did a lot of figurative work working from life models in wax or clay. Gradually I transitioned more into working with clay and started experimenting with different materials and now it’s all consuming. The possibilities  are endless and I know I’ve just touched the surface. I’ve done some courses with the Canberra Potters Society and the ANU Centre for Continuing Education as well as several online courses.

What inspires me

Natural forms, colours and textures

What I'm working on at the moment

I created a couple of pieces based on the australian eastern quoll for an endangered species exhibition and ever since have been experimenting with different clays and surfaces replicating the characteristic eastern quoll white spots on dark and tan surfaces in various forms.

I also create quirky rats, toys which have been described as creepy, an ongoing series called “Fragility” and a new series called “Stinkhorn”.