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Adriana Sambrano

My Ceramics

In the studio I like to do

Handbuilding, Throwing on the Wheel, Sculpting, Slip casting, Everything to do with Ceramics

Pottery Wheel

I am a begginer throwing on the wheel, at my collective studio I use a Shimpo pottery wheel

Clay body

Earthenware, Stoneware, Porcelain

Clay Brand

Scarva: Stoneware and Earthenware, Potclays: Oxidising St Thomas, Porcelain:Parian Casting Slip

Kiln Type

Electric Kiln, Gas Kiln

Kiln Atmosphere

Reduction Atmosphere, Oxidation Atmosphere


Oxidation: 950-1245 C, Reduction: Lustre at 670-700 C


Lustre: Using original recipes by Margery Clinton and Alison Robinson and an electric kiln modified for making very controlled reductions (we introduce Nitrogen to empty the kiln chamber from Oxygen and then we use Propane gas to get a reductive atmosphere in a very short period of the firing process, at 680 C)

Commercial glaze and underglaze:  Scarva, Spectrum, Amaco, Terracolour (electric Kiln)

My own slip and glazes with stains and oxides (trying new recipes and applications)  made at studio (electric Kiln)



You can buy my work from

You can buy my work contacting me directly:

Instagram: adriana.sambrano.iartist


About Me


Hola, my name is Adriana Sambrano. I was born and raised in Venezuela. My work is heavily influenced by my values learned from my Latino American roots, my professional background as biologist, and my experiences living in Singapore and Scotland. I am interested in art as a way to understand the society, culture, people, history. Also I am very interested  in nature, natural processes and environmental problems.

What I Love about Ceramics

The endless possibilities that clay provides to produce functional and contemplative works.

How I started with ceramics

When I was 13 my mom enrolled me in a summer course in ceramics, since then I wanted to learn more about the building process and the glazes, but only many years later was when I had the time and opportunity to get more specific training.

What inspires me

Inspired by nature, my work are abstract conceptions of what I see along my walks in natural places. I like to create sculptural forms in vessels and on figurative sculptures. The faces and body gestures of people interest me.

What I'm working on at the moment

Improving my skills on glazing, decorating techniques of clay body and the use of porcelain.

Connecting with other artist to develop new collaborations.

My Artist Statement

My statement evolves accordingly to my interests, personal experiences and requirements of an exhibition or submission for a fair or competition on a specific moment in time.

For example, in my Humanoids Vases Series, elements such as a mischievous half smile and a daring glare feature prominently in the sculpture. The manipulation of features in their proportion, asymmetry, repetition or even notable absence of elements such as hands, legs, lips, eyebrows, help create prominent and distinctive characters that one might associate with the particular thoughts.

On my functional ceramics work, they have to be beautiful on the table and on the shelf. Decoration and glazing technique are allowed to take centre stage only if the materials are safe and practical for its purpose.

My series of flowers and seed pods are founded upon organic shapes and very texturized surfaces. More than been botanically correct, the pieces are abstractions of the beauty and diversity of the natural designs I admire and remember.


Career highlights in Ceramics:

2010- Currently. Training and experimenting on Luster glazing and firing with the potter Alison Robinson in Edinburgh, Scotland, whom has inherited the luster’s glaze techniques perfected by Margery Clinton.  The Bridge Pottery Studio. Edinburgh Palette. United Kingdom.

2011-2015. Training on sculpture techniques with the awarded artist Yeo Chee Kiong. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Singapore

2013-2014. Training on Ceramic Techniques with ceramicist artist Nelson Lim Sang Choon. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Singapore

2011-2015. Training in wheel-throwing techniques with resident lecturers Pang Hoise Ong, Lee Boon Choon and Johnny Lee. Ceramic Studio, Tanjong Pagar Community Centre. Singapore.

1994-1995. Studies on Ceramic and Glaze, with the Venezuelan ceramicist Candido Millan at Escuela Artes del Fuego. Caracas, Venezuela.


Awaken the Dragon Kiln. Collective Exhibition at the Gallery of Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. 15th-21st January 2013.

Celebrating Ceramics.  CHASING RAINBOWS | WORK OF CONTEMPORARY SCOTTISH LUSTRE POTTERS. Collective Exhibition at Edinburgh Palette, Art Building. 11th October -2nd November 2014

Contemporary Ceramics- France in Singapore 2015. Ceramic Workshops, Community Firing of the Guan Huat Dragon Kiln11and Collective Exhibition at the Gallery of Jalan Bahar Clay Studios. April-June 2015.

Wood Symposium, Workshop and exhibition, Fort Canning, Singapore. January 2016

Opens Doors Edinburgh Palette. Exhibition of a collective of professional artists and makers representing different aspects of art in different media (glass, metal, ceramics, enamels, textiles, wood, print and oil on canvas). 2016

Cerami-Cat and the best of the SPA, Collective Exhibition with the Scottish Potters Association, Stirling Smith Art Gallery and Museum. Scotland. April 2017

ARCHI-TEXTURE. Bridge Pottery Collective Exhibition at Edinburgh Palette, Art Building. Scotland. April 2019

Of Human Heritage-An Indian Singapore Exchange of Sculptural Art. Art Spice Gallery India, New Delhi. February 2018.

80th Anniversary Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts- CLE Exhibition. Singapore. April 2018

With/Out Boundaries. Bridge Pottery Collective Exhibition at Edinburgh Palette, Art Building. Scotland. April 2019

Harvest of Energy. Installation Exhibited during the Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 at the Cyrenians Community Gardens. NHS Royal Hospital, Edinburgh.


Singapore Sculpture Society, Singapore

The Bridge Pottery Studios, Edinburgh, United Kingdom