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Meet the Maker: Audronė Dačkutė

Up next up in our series of Meet the Maker posts is Lithuania artist, Audronė Dačkutė. She is the creator behind all the whimsical pottery you’ll find at phOceramics on Etsy, and recently had work in the Cat Exhibition that The Ceramic School hosted as part of this May’s Ceramics Congress. If you missed it you can still view the exhibition online!

“Most of my art works are inspired by nature with animals and humans that live in it. My aim is to spread the idea of decorative, cute and animated objects that bring more happiness to your daily life. Mostly I do functional art works and usually they become interior details, too.”

Ceramics: The Creative Path

Ceramics wasn’t Audronė’s first choice when she entered art school as it wasn’t the most popular option (what?! Crazy right?), but due to less competition for clay courses she ended up taking one and has been following that creative path ever since. Thank goodness creative folks are always up to pivot to new directions and mediums. Audronė doesn’t tend to limit herself in the studio, instead utilizing a multitude of processes to sculpt her loveable functional creatures.

Audronė Dačkutė’s Studio

Audronė works out of a small studio in Vilnius which is also a showroom you can visit to view and purchase works. You can stop by during work hours knowing that each time you come there will be new works out on the shelves or in process. Adapting such a small space to both production and presentation is no easy feat, but she’s clever in her planning of movable furniture and lights. She currently fires her work in three different size kilns. “My biggest one is Kitten cb100 S, medium size kiln is brennofen budget 40 and smallest one (around 10 liters) is Snol, made by local company.” When we asked what her dream kiln would be she stated; “Super large kiln that I could stand inside of it. Because I love sculpting and to create huge things.” Can the world handle the cuteness overload if her pieces were even larger? We’d sure love to see it!

Influences for Audronė’s work include all sorts of animals and nature. In her work there is familiarity and humour. She also cites the work of Isreal’s Ronit Baranga; and Ukrainian artist Nastia Calaca as influencial artists she’d like to learn from and collect their work. Ronit Baranga is known for her sculptures that are both seductively alluring and alarmingly disturbing all in one gorgeous package; while Nastia Calaca’s narrative character sculptures are lush with colour and whimsy.

Fun Facts about Audronė Dačkutė

A few quick facts: 

Her soundtrack in the studio: “I listen to local radio LRT Opus. They play really good music and have very interesting shows and podcasts.”

If she wasn’t an artist she’d be: “Farmer or I’d have a dog shelter.”

Ways to cure a creative block: “I just work. There are always many things to do at my studio. If I can’t create today, I throw, take pictures of created works, communicating with customers do online shopping of ceramic or packing supplies, tidying up or keep bookkeeping and so on.”

Biggest achievement to date: “I am not sure about what achievements I should talk about. Sometimes I show my works at live exhibitions, from time to time journals and papers writes and articles about my works and once I was shown on the national TV – it was a really big achievement for me. However, I think that the biggest thing and my achievement, that helped me to be more noticeable, was the article on Bored Panda page – I feel very thankful to them till now.”

Thanks so much Audronė Dačkutė for sharing with us! Please make sure you give her a follow on Instagram, connect with her on the Ceramic School site!

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