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Haunting Halloween Themed Pottery to inspire you!

My Paper Crane

Tis the season of warm drinks, pumpkins and ghostly delights, and we’re going to take you a on a little tour of some artists that dive right in to all the spookiness of October and Halloween themed pottery in their studios! Enjoy the artists listed here, and please make sure to add some of YOUR favourites in the comments below.

Most of these artists have so much passion for the season that they bring Halloween imagery into their work all year round! Make sure to follow them on instagram for small tutorials as well, or check out a few of the tutorials we stumbled across on youtube at the end of this post.

Happy haunting and happy making in the studio!

Diana Roldan

Ugly Mug

Cabinet of Curious Clay

Nissa Arts

Witch of Plain City

Clay Opera

Hannah Koen

Pottery Ashes

Nicole Pangas

Audrad Ceramics

David Kenton Kring

Bryan Wilkerson


Seasonal Pottery

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