Guess what I found when I Googled “Start a Pottery Business”

Guess what I found when I Googled “Start a Pottery Business”?

Hey ????

Have you ever thought:

 “Oh how I wish I could make ceramics all day, everyday…”

And then you tried to find out how you could…

Only to find rubbish advice??

Here’s some real (bad) advice I just found by searching for “Start a Pottery Business” 

“Get an intern. They’re invaluable.”– oh yeah, that’s a good way to start ???? 

Exhibit regularly at local craft fairs and agricultural shows” ????

“Start teaching pottery classes – and then sell wine and snacks alongside the pottery classes”  ???? – really now??  

“Invite groups to paint/glaze your unfinished work and take home as a souvenir”– OMG, please stop… ????

“Make an attractive sign for your studio, if you plan to make retail sales from it.” – duh! You need a nice sign on your door! ???? 

“Have ‘open days’ and demonstrations which you advertise by posters and leaflets”???? 

Obviously, this is all terrible, TERRIBLE advice. 

If you took this advice, you would be spending time on Photoshop and printing out posters and sticking them up round town, whilst stressing about hiring someone (maybe your friends or family?), at the same time you’d have 100 molds being made for your home-factory… you would end up hosting your own pottery lessons at home, just so you could make a bit of profit selling wine! (lol) and then you would be spending money on applying to all the art fairs & markets that you possibly could… buying tables and tents and driving for hours just so you could go and sit around in the rain, twiddling your thumbs while people walk past your stall and ask “Have you got this in blue?” … “Did you make this yourself?” …    

It’s all outdated advice. And it’s all nonsense.    

So what is the best way to set up your pottery business for success?

What should you be focused on?    

Where should you be putting your time & energy?   

Is there a way to make money selling your ceramics – without selling your soul in the process?!   

Yes – of course there is!    

But most pottery business advice you’ll find online is outdated and won’t actually help you grow your business.

In fact, most of the business advice shared will just leave you with:
???? MORE stress trying to do too much
???? LESS time doing what you love

So today, I’m going to share a better way to think about your pottery business.

– one that’s not about random tips, or hacks that you have to piece together yourself one at a time…

But first, I want you to look ahead to your goals for 2022…

What if you could spend just 90 days to setup your successful pottery business?

Maybe you’re just getting started and simply want to do your first ever sale in time for Christmas so you can spend more money on some awesome pottery tools.

Maybe you dream about going part-time with it in 2022 so you can spend more time creating.

Maybe you’re already a full time potter and you are looking to increase profits next year so you can upgrade your studio space or buy a bigger kiln.

So, when we look at your dream for the next year – what’s the quickest way to achieve it?

And how can you do this without resorting to selling wine at your home pottery lessons? ????

Well, after two years now of covid, the world is a lot more online that it has ever been. And online shopping is through the roof!

In fact, on average, online retail sales have increased 32.4% year over year in 2020 and were up 39% so far in 2021 (!)

Lot’s of traditional businesses have had to “get with the times” and start marketing themselves online.

And Online Marketing is the key to your pottery business’s success.

Online Marketing is a proven way to generate growth by:

  1. Attracting visitors
  2. Converting those visitors to leads
  3. Converting those leads to customers
  4. Converting those customers into repeat customers and super fans.

Once you’ve spent the time and brought your pottery business online, and set it up with a constant supply of visitors, leads, and customers… you just need to answer this one question:

Why on earth didn’t I do this earlier!?

I believe that you should treat your passion for pottery like a business.

And I believe that modelling the online marketing methods from big-businesses, and applying them to your own pottery business is a 10x more effective way to run your pottery business.

Now you may be saying to yourself…

“Yeah, alright, I’ll treat it like a business… but what exactly do I do, and how do I do it?”

I get it.

“How do I find customers” is a question lot’s of potters have…

And if that’s you too, then keep reading… because I’ll be sharing details and a discount for our brand-new step-by-step program designed especially for potters who need help with their online business…

I’d like to introduce you to The Ceramics MBA.

The Ceramics MBA is an intensive 12 week workshop, that teaches you exactly how to start & scale your online pottery business…. in a way that treats your pottery business like a real business – but is still easy to follow with videos to watch, worksheets and checklists and templates to fill out.

And, with our private support group and weekly mentoring sessions, we stick with you every step of the way, to make sure you are not doing it alone. (As these are live mentoring sessions, we are limiting spaces to make sure we can support you the most during the live calls.)

We have laid out the road-map for you to follow, and over the course of 12 weeks, we will be helping you setup: Your Personal Branding, Website, Online Shop & Sales Funnels, Social Media & Marketing Funnels, Email Marketing, and finally, Paid Online Advertising.

At the end of the 12-Weeks:

  • You’ll have your own personal brand, website and online shop setup.
  • You’ll know how to price your work, and create sales funnels and processes that get people to purchase more from you.
  • You’ll know how to use social media for business, and create marketing funnels that turn strangers into super fans, and bring potential customers into your online shop.
  • You will know how to use Email Marketing and Paid Advertising effectively to scale your pottery business and drive more sales.
  • You will finally be ready to get your ceramics out in front of the right people, who will be eager to buy your work.
  • You will get a certificate to prove you have completed the workshop.


We are offering you 25% OFF for the next round!
This is valid until January 8th 2022 – or until places get filled – whichever happens first.

And as another bonus, we have a brand-new library of Online Marketing SOPs (instructions, checklists, and templates) – which guide you step by step in all of the technical aspects of your online business.

So please, have a read about The Ceramics MBA here, and if you have any questions at all, then just leave a comment below.

All the best,

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  1. I have just retired after 50 years in pottery 30 years running a very successful poetry business employing over 50 staff.If you are interested here are some tips,
    1 Never ever work on consignment always COD
    2 Selling at craft fairs and AG shows can be very rewarding
    3 99% of craft pottery courses are useless get proper industrial training.
    4Equipement eg kilns supplied from craft suppliers are usually outdated especially gas kilns
    5 Raw glaze and single fire. This is essential
    6 Don’t employ people with pottery craft training
    7 My best employees were women who had families.
    8 Pay award wages. I always paid above award wages sometimes double, Know your state award.