Reply To: Mobile App Improvements

  • Mandy Walker

    April 6, 2023 at 9:35 pm

    Hi Joshua

    Love it so far but the pottery note book wouldnt let me ‘preview’ so not sure what it will look like ultimately.

    A couple of comments. Measurements not specified as to whether metric or other. Choice needed here.

    Choices for some things very limited ie clay type. I often use my own blend of midfire stoneware and porcelain. No option for ‘wild’ clay. Ravelry does this really well with putdown menus for yarn where you can specify the exact yarn.

    Can we update a post and still keep some of the old information and photos? If you were working on an idea through to the finished product as an example?

    Would be good to have an issues or problems box too with tags (eg sagging, bloating, crawling) and description when entering in the notebook. Then it is searchable for combinations eg clay brand and type plus problem.

    Some of the words used to describe objects are not universal. Eg bowl was not a tag. Basin (the nearest) in Australia or Britain is a large kitchen bowl used for mixing but not serving or for washing your hands. I dont think ‘beaker’ was available either.

    Enough comments for now.



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