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Making Little People with Vipoo Srivilasa

Vipoo Srivilasa – Making Little People

Vipoo Srivilasa wants to show you how he makes his little people – perfect for adventurous hand-builders who want to go beyond traditional pinch, coil,

Liana Agnew – Surface Play

WHERE: ONLINEWHEN: February 28th 2021, at 11am PST, 1pm CST, 2pm EST, 8pm CET Follow along with me as I cut, carve, paint, and peel

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What’s on your podcast playlist?

New clay related podcasts are popping up everywhere, and there are also some long term favourites out there that have withstood the test of time and have hundreds of episodes for you to binge listen to. So which are your favourites? Here’s our list of ones to check out below, but please jump into the comments and help us compile a more inclusive list, in particular of non-english podcasts from around the world!

Beate Kuhn’s Ever Changing Practice.

So down the internet rabbit hole I went looking into the life and work of Beate Kuhn, and found far more then I was expecting. Her long and prolific career spans numerous reinventions, approaches to work and stylistic renderings that while still maintaining a lineage in the timeline of her work, also shows the diversity of tangents artists explore throughout decades of making. Take for example the animal depictions she created.

Introducing artist Eloisa Gobbo

A bit more about Eloisa from their website: “Eloisa Gobbo is an Italian artist currently based in Padua, Italy. In recent years, she has expressed

Merran Esson – A Life in Clay

Last week the international ceramics community lost an absolutely inspiring, gifted and generous artist; Merran Esson. Based out of Australia, Merran’s work is recognized the world over for it’s luscious abstract representations of the natural world combined with the geometry and the sometimes organized chaos of the man made city.

Introducing mixed media artist Jiha Moon.

Mixed media artist Jiha Moon has had a busy 2022 so far; with exhibitions at the Derek Eller Gallery in New York, The Fabric Workshop and Museum, Philadelphia, PA, Renwick Gallery, Smithsonian, Washington DC, and Unit London in the UK. She’s garnering a bunch of attention with her work, in particular her ceramics which play out like beautiful yet distorted mash ups of old and new, familiar and magical.

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Instagram reels: Tips for the reluctant artist.

You finally set up social media accounts for your business and think you’ve got it all sorted out, branding, photography on point,…and then the algorithm changes and it seems that the world is asking you to sing and dance to get attention for your online small business. We always knew as artists we had to wear a lot of hats professionally; we’re little managers, accountants, photographers, marketing departments, shipping and receiving all rolled up into one. And now we must make reels or remixes on social media for the algorithm to be our friends. Things are not getting easier folks! So, we’ve put together a few fun tips to help you adapt to the new social media demands.

Meet the Maker: Avesha DeWolfe

For today’s Meet the Maker we’re checking out Avesha Dewolfe (She/Her) of Spiral Tide Pottery. Based out of East Lothian, Scotland, Avesha has been working

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