Hsin-Chuen Lin shows us how to make your own DIY trimming tools from hacksaw blades. The great thing about making your own trimming tools from hacksaw blades is that they are personal to you. Hacksaw blade trimming tools are cheap, easily replaceable and customizable. You can create any type of shape, perfect for customized and uniform trimming.

To get started making your own hacksaw blade trimming tools you will need the following:
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  1. Hacksaw blades
  2. Propane torch
  3. Propane Can
  4. Bench Grinder

Now that you have made your own diy trimming tools from hacksaw blades, you may want to have a go at chattering!

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  1. Eunice on July 29, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    I’m a beginner,but love clay and love to learn!
    I’m retired now and ceramics has fulfilled all my dreams of a useful retirement.
    I’m having such a good time going through yr videos and blog!!!
    I’m learning and learning…..
    Thank you so much!!!!!!

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