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Dipping Tongs and Pot Lifters

tongs and pot lifters
Tongs and Pot Lifters

When it comes to working in the studio, dipping tongs and pot lifters can make a potters’ job much easier. While there are other tools that might be able to do a similar or maybe even better job these two tools are long-lasting and could be beneficial to add them to your tools. In this article, we are going to discuss what tongs and pot lifters aretongs and lifters, the pros and cons of them, and some options for purchasing.

What are Dipping Tongs?

Dipping Tongs are a specific tool that is used when glazing work. There are times when it can be impossible to glaze a piece without leaving fingerprints or the piece slipping from your grasp and dropping into the bucket. These tongs are used to make minimal contact on the work while still being secured to dip into a glaze bucket. There are many different brands that produce dipping tongs, but the design of them is all the same. All of these designs have four sharp gripping points and dipped plastic handles to help with grip. Most dipping tongs should be made of plated steel, but there are some which are not.

Dipping Tongs

Pros and cons of Dipping Tongs

Pros of using Dipping Tongs

– a clean way to dip glaze
– helps prevent work from getting dropped into glaze bucket
– if using a second hand or tool a large item can be dipped
– a quicker way to glaze a lot of pieces

Cons of using Dipping Tongs

– can leave marks behind
– can be hard to hold larger pieces without a second hand
– does not work on small items
– does not work well for complicated forms

Best Dipping Tongs to buy:

Kemper Dipping Tongs

xlpace Dipping Tongs

Pot Lifters
Pot Lifters

What are Pot Lifters?

Pot Lifters are a specific tool that is used when throwing work. This tool is for those who are too intimidated to lift a piece off by hand and cause potential warping. The lifters will not leave fingerprints, and when done right can lift a piece off without warping or marring of the work onto another surface. Lifters are meant to easily lift a pot from the wheel without damage. All pot lifters are made from rust-free aluminum and stick to a bent L shape with a half circle cut free from the bottom.

Pros and Cons of Pot Lifters

Pros of using Pot Lifters

– lifts up pieces without leaving marks
– prevents warping when lifting
– great for pieces that fit the specific sized lifter
– an easy way to repeatedly move pieces that are too wet to touch

Cons of using Pot Lifters

– if lifted improperly it can mar the bottom
– can warp if lifted up unevenly
– if not wet before used they can stick to the bottom of pots
– hard to remove once a piece is lifted up

Best Pot Lifters to buy:

Kemper Pot Lifters 

Wide Pair Clay Pot Lifter


In conclusion, dipping tongs and pot lifters can be quite useful in the studio. There are pros and cons to using them, but if the pros outweigh the cons for you then you might want to add these tools to your arsenal. If the cons outweigh the pros then there are other options to both. These other options for dipping tongs include waxing the bottom of your pot before dipping, using a fountain glazer, using balloons, and other means. The other options for pot lifters include using pottery bats, pottery bat inserts, lifting by hand, and other means. We hope this article informs you about lifters and tongs and helps you decide if you should add these tools to your toolbox.

Bonus Dipping Tongs video


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