CRMX Digital Ceramics Gallery:
Own the ideas behind the ceramics.

Digital Art from your Favorite Ceramic Artists.

What are Digital CRMX NFTs?

How does it work?

like a real-life exhibition

We curate an exhibition from our favorite artists. You can visit the 3D Exhibition and learn more about the artworks. And as well as buying their physical ceramics, you can also purchase their signed digital artwork.

You Own the Original.

When you purchase a CRMX NFT Artwork, it has been signed by the ceramic artist and is guaranteed to be genuine. Just like you would purchase a signed painting or a signed print.
You can carry them in your pocket, or display them on your wall using a smart TV.
You can add as many items to your own digital collection without worrying about storage space, and you can also resell your artwork should you choose.

Become a Founder

The CRMX Founders Token is our First CRMX NFT card.

Purchase to support us. Limited to 50 tokens.

Buy a Founders Token and get these perks:

  •  Support the CRMX Digital Gallery
  • Vote on who we should invite to our CRMX Digital Gallery
  • Join our VIP Launch Parties and meet our Artists each month.

Our reviews

I love owning the sketch that helped to make the sculpture XYZ!
Martha Unger
I have a small collection of artwork from my favorite ceramic artists, and the value keeps going up and up!
Mike Choo
UI Designer
It's so easy now to help support ceramic artists without having to pay for shipping physical ceramics around the world.
Joachim Philipe

Own the Ideas behind the Ceramics.

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