Velimir Vukicevic – How to Decorate Ceramic Surface

Hi, my name is Velimir Vukicevic, and in this workshop, I will be showing how to slip-cast porcelain form and join slip-casted parts together in a new more complicated form. Then the object is decorated by using liquid gum, engobe (colored porcelain slip), underglaze pencil, some transparent glaze, overglaze and gold. I will also be showing the ways of protection by making paper stencils, spraying shadows with airbrush to make 3-D illusion at the surface. Besides the technical information that include my attitude to ceramic materials you will be able to discover how I make rational decisions about general composition, relation between decorated parts, their movement, the intensity of the color and shadow.

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After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

About Velimir Vukicevic

In art I value individuality the most. It is necessary to dive deep into oneself and through persistent research find what is unique to us, to develop personal artistic language. In my art works I create objects that have their own formula, they speak their own language, creating a dialog that did not exist before.
Even as a student I couldn’t t decide what I am interested to do more; modeling or painting so with selfless help of my professors I decided to combine them.

In one group of objects I just look for a suitable form on which I can paint 3D elements.
All my works need preliminary planning and construction knowledge. That is why I draw a lot of sketches. My approach is quite rational but my ideas are romantic, joyful and positive so I hope the end result is not dry. I usually enjoy to play with perception and with illusion.

Lately I use plaster mold to get series of the same forms and then using phantasy I try to give each one their distinctive aspect. When I paint soft cloud at very sharp crystal like shaped form it changes drastically.

Clouds are very inspiring. Making and painting them I would like to express the idea of transience, impermanence, movement and changeability as basic phenomena of life. A cloud as easy changing form is floating dream, a handy template that provokes our imagination.

The fantastic but lonely process of materializing the idea through final work had always fascinated me, filled me with satisfaction. Desire for communication pushed me to exhibit, to be curious, to be optimistic about the future and to go on. Once shown artistic work should provoke and resonance communication on different levels, exchanging energy.

Educational background
Velimir Vukicevic was born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia in 1950. He graduated from Faculty of Applied Arts 1969- 1974, completed specialization in 1976 at the same University. From 1976 to 1992 he was a free-lance artist. In 1992 he was elected assistant professor at the Faculty of Applied Arts where he works today as professor. He has been member of AIC-IAC, honorable member of Kerameikon, Croatia and of Serbian Art Association.

Personal Exhibitions
2021- Knjaz Miloš gallery Aranđelovac, Serbia
2021- Djonovic Gallery, Arandjewlovac, Serbia
2019- Art Museum Cluj, Romania.
2019- Galatea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2018-Terra Gallery, Kikinda, Serbia
2018-Chaos Gallery, Belgrade, Serbia
2017-Gallery of Cultural Center Novi Sad, Serbia
2017- Terre d Art et de Argile Gallery, Bordeaux, France
2016- Gallery Prull, Germany
2014- Gallery K-10, Varaždin, Croatia
2014- Gallery of Modern Art, Subotica, Serbia
2013- Eurosalon Gallery Belgrade (as the winner of the big award at May exhibition)
2010- Seto City Art Museum, Japan
2010- Gallery of Cultural Center, Belgrade, Serbia

2021, 2018- Honorable Mention, Mino Japan
2020- Gold Prize at 4th China Art an Design exhibition, Shangyu, China
2019- Gold prize, the First T-Pot Exhibition, Yixing, China
2019- First prize, L Alcora, Spain
2017- First prize, Cluj International biennial, Romania
2015- second prize, Biennial of ceramics, Belgrade, Serbia
2013- Lifetime achievement Award, Serbian Art Association, Belgrade
2012- „Likovni Susret“ Award, 14 Triennial of Ceramic, Belgrade
2011- Big Award, May Exhibition Belgrade, Serbia,
2009- Third Award, 13th Triennial of ceramics, Belgrade
2007- First prize at „White Only“ Exhibition, Belgrade
2006- Second prize, 12th Triennial of Ceramics, Belgrade
2005- First Prize, triennial of Miniature arts, Gornji Milanovac, Serbia
2004- Honorable Mention, Triennial of Miniature Art, Niksic, Montenegro
2002- Golden Plaque, „Flower Vase“, Zagreb, Croatia
2000- Special Judges Award, Mashiko, Japan
1999- Honorable Mention, Kanazawa, Japan
1998- Big Award of Ministry of culture of Serbia
1997-Swiss Ceramic Association Award, Carouge, Switzerland
1996 and 1980- Big Award Triennial of Yugoslav Ceramic, Belgrade, Serbia,
2014, 2011, 2008, 1998, 1995- Honorable Mention, Mino, Japan

He has participated in about 200 group exhibitions in the country and abroad among which are significant biennial and triennial exhibitions and symposiums around the world; from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, to Croatia and Slovenia.

Works are part of PUBLIC COLLECTIONS in: Taipei Yingge Museum, Mino Park Museum, Tajimy, Seto City art Museum, Town of Carouge Museum, Faenza Museum, City Museum Kanazawa Japan Contemporary Ceramic Museum Bechyne, Czech Republic, Museum of Applied Arts, Belgrade.


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Jennifer Buchanan
Posted 11 months ago
Embodied inspiration

I really enjoyed watching Velimir's process, and his instruction and teaching were clear. I am able to use this information in my surface decoration right away. I felt like I got the chance to spend an afternoon with him in his studio- the video quality was good, and his work is so beautiful and inspiring. Watching his video felt like receiving a gift.

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