Shampa Shah – Diverse Clay Traditions of India

Hello, I’m Shampa Shah, and in this workshop, I’ll explore India’s diverse clay traditions and the associated creation myths.

India’s clay traditions date back to ancient civilizations like the Indus Valley and are still thriving today, practiced by thousands of artisans.

I’ll introduce you to these traditions from North, South, East, and West India, focusing on utility objects, Votiv Terracota items, and clay as a building material.

Understanding these creation myths, rituals, and traditions allows us to actively engage with and become part of this ancient and enduring legacy—the story of clay.

If you’re curious about India’s clay traditions and pottery myths, please join me in this workshop.

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About Shampa Shah

In 1989, Shampa Shah achieved her Master’s degree in Botany with a specialization in Forest Ecology.

During the years spanning from 1987 to 1990, she immersed herself in the art of pottery under the tutelage of the renowned artist Daroz P.R. at Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal.

In 1992, Shampa successfully completed her Diploma in Museology at Bhopal University, further enriching her knowledge in the realm of museum studies.

Shampa Shah’s journey in the realm of clay art transcends the boundaries between tradition and modernity, weaving seamlessly with her writing and curatorial endeavors. Over the course of three decades, she has showcased her work extensively both within India and on the international stage.

Shampa played a pivotal role in establishing the Ceramic Section at the Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man (IGRMS) in Bhopal, where she served as its head for more than two decades. During her tenure at IGRMS, she curated significant exhibitions that delved into themes such as mythology, tribal and folk art, as well as contemporary artistic and craft practices. Notably, she contributed to the creation of the permanent exhibition titled “Mythological Trail.”

Her remarkable contributions have earned her the prestigious AIFACS Award five times, and she has been honored with the Junior National Fellowship from the Ministry of Human Resources as well as from Roopankar Bharat Bhavan. Shampa is also a prolific writer, with numerous publications exploring contemporary art and storytelling traditions in India, including the notable work “Tribal Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh,” published by Mapin.


Contemporary Indian Ceramics, Lemongrasshopper    Gallery,Ahmedabad,2008

– Skins of Water, Curated group show, Gallery Hermitage, Mumbai 2003

– All India Teracotta and Ceramic Exhibition, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal 2003

– Shadows, solo show, Nazar Art Gallery Vadodara 1997

– Shadows ii, solo show Alliance de Francaise Gallery, Bhopal 1997

– Form Flora, solo show, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai 1998

Animals of the Earth, group show, Triveni, New Delhi 2000

-Tea Party, group show, national Art Gallery, Mumbai 2000

-Earthling Manna, group show, Ceramic Images Gallery, Bangalore 1997

-New Waves in ceramic design, Int. Ceramic Festival Mino, Japan ’96

-Ceramics from Bharat Bhavan, group show, Vadhera, New Delhi 1996

– Ceramics, group show, Center for Arts, New Delhi 1996

– Contemporary Indian Pottery, curator Jyotsna Bhatt, Cymroza, Mumbai ’94

– Colours of Earth, contemporary Indian & British Ceramics, Lalit Kala Delhi

– Pottery, group show, L.T.G., New Delhi 1992

– All India Studio Potters’ Exhibition, A.I.F.A.C.S, New Delhi 1992

– Contemporary Indian Pottery, Taj Art Gallery, New Delhi 1992

– Fourth Bharat Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Art 1992

– Three Artists, Hutheesing Visual Arts Center, Ahmedabad 1991

– Ceramics, Group show, Indore 1990

– All India Studio Potters’ Exhibition, Cymroza Art Gallery  Mumbai 1990

– Contemporary Indian Ceramics, Singapore 1989

– Ceramics, group show, Pundole Art Gallery, Mumbai 1989


–Women Potters Of India, National camp at Bharat Bhavan Bhopal 2008

– National Ceramic Camp, Kundra, Lalit Kala Academy Kerela 1998

– International Artists’ Camp, Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi 1997

– All India Studio Potters’ Workshop, Delhi Blue Pottery, Andretta 1994

– Padav, workshop of  studio potters & traditional terracotta artists from all    over India, National Museum of Man, Bhopal 1992

– Contemporary Pottery Workshop by Jane Hamlyn Garhi Studio Delhi 1992

– Workshop with Bastar Terracotta Potters , Bharat Bhavan 1990

– All India Studio Potters’ Camp, Bharat Bhavan Bhopal 1989

– Coordinator, International workshop on Traditional  Arts, Vasudha, Pachmarhi ’96


All India Fine Arts And Crafts Society Award for Studio Pottery, 1989

Roopankar Bharat Bhavan Scholarship for Ceramics, 1988-89

All India Fine Arts And Crafts Society Award for Studio Pottery, 1992

All India Fine Arts And Crafts Society Award for Studio Pottery, 1994 & 96

Junior Research Fellowship, Ministry of Human Resources, 1996-97

Certificate of Merit, National Exhibition of Art, South Central Zone Nagpur ’98

Publications & Documentation

Mario Vargas Llosa’s Storyteller translated in hindi as Kissago Rajkamal Prakashan, Delhi. 2010

– Edited, the book Tribal Crafts of Madhya Pradesh, Mapin.

– Compilation, Museum Bibliography

on Living Indian Tradition of Pottery and Terracotta.

– Contribution to The Other Masters Crafts Museum, Delhi.

– Contribution to  Lok Ka Alok, Marudhara Shodh Kendra, Bikaner.

– Contribution to Tribal Identity in India: Extinction or Adaptation, Bhopal.

– Detailed documentation of the Traditional Indian Pottery techniques.

– Collection and Compilation of ritual and recreational songs of Gond, Dewar,

Bhil, (M.P), Warli (Maharashtra), Rabari (Gujrat), tribes.

– Conceived and Visualized the open air exhibition Mythological Trail

on tribal myths, rituals and belief systems across India,

at the National Museum of Man, Bhopal.

Short stories, memoirs, travelogues published in prominent Hindi journals. Regular contributions to Hindi/English journals in the area of serious features on the folk arts and craftspersons to various journals; book reviews, translations of selected plays & film scripts.




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