Senta Achée: How to make illustrative tumblers

Hi I’m Senta Achée.

Have you ever wanted to use underglaze to create beautiful illustrative work like this?

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After this workshop, you could be making beautiful work like this:

Senta Achée

About Senta Achée

Senta Achée (b. 1986) lives and works in Gainesville, Florida. She received her B.F.A. from the University or Florida in 2016.

My ears can hear the sound of a river flowing. Without seeing, I know the abundance it carries. My nose can smell the exit of spring. The last bloom, late in its arrival, has a history of taking its time. My hands can feel the skin of a snake. Gently folded in a blanket of scales it is warmed by the earth below us. My tongue can taste sweet grass; I consume its harvest of knowledge. My eyes can see the frayed edge of a string. Fallen from duty it redistributes its function and changes meaning. It finds a new life– a part of something greater– a bird’s nest.

As an artist, I use clay as a canvas to piece together metaphoric conjunctions between self and nature. In practice I use the repetition of characters to explore hidden identities and peculiarities. Historical and fictional icons populate an ever-evolving cosmology. Histories shapeshift and the moral of each story changes from piece to piece. The characters in my work are confined by the boundary of the vessel, but their capacity to assume meaning reaches beyond physical limits and into one’s imagination. My work discovers itself through practice, but inevitably comes to rest in the unthinkable.

Instagram: @sentaur

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