In this workshop we will start with a paper stencil, impress it into clay, and cast a plaster relief mold. Then we will cast the reverse mold, and learn how to roll clay into it to create detailed patterned tiles. It is also possible to make a bisque mold if you are uncomfortable working with plaster. After firing, I will demonstrate how to glaze the tiles.

When you are done, you will have all the skills needed to make your own exciting ceramic tiles.

Things you will need:
Plaster, clay, cardstock or chipboard, an exacto knife (or a digital cutter), liquid soap, a few small strips of masonite (or small strips of wood for cottles), a paintbrush, a slip trailer or bulb syringe with fine applicator tips, glazes of your choice, drywall cut into manageable sizes for drying tiles.

When you buy this workshop, you get:

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    • The workshop is around 1.5 hours long.
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    • Watch my bonus Live Q&A where I answered questions about my process face-to-face
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    • The workshop and the Q&A are recorded, and you will have lifetime access to it. You can watch it online, or download it to your device to watch offline at any time

After this workshop, you could be making amazing work like this:

Paul Barchilon

About Paul Barchilon

I specialize in Moroccan art, creating my own patterns in an art form with 1,300 years of tradition behind it. To me, it is a living breathing tradition, and I hope you can feel it in your hands when you use my ceramics. I have traveled the world, researching pattern and line designs in Morocco, India, Turkey, Spain, Peru, and China, to name a few.

My father was born in Morocco, and we visited my grandparents in Casablanca many times. Some of my earliest memories are of being captivated by the play of water and light over brightly colored Zalij fountains. Years later, returning again as a young man in art school, I felt a strong pull towards traditional designs and the mystery and contemplation of the infinite they inspire.

I began incorporating these kinds of patterns into my ceramics in 1991, and also began an in-depth exploration of geometric design. While I began by imitating the masters, everything I make now is of my own design. All of my pieces started out in pencil on paper, using techniques that have remained unchanged for over a thousand years.

My current work is based on Islamic tiling and my tiles have been installed in locations all over the world.


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