Hirotsune Tashima – Figurative Ceramics – Life size to smaller scale

Hi, my name’s Hirotsune Tashima, and in this workshop, I will be showing you the process I use to sculpt my large ceramic sculptures – and then I will be showing you how I sculpt a smaller piece.

After this workshop, you could be making amazing sculptures like this:

About Hirotsune Tashima

I watch closely the social current in my generation and re-construct them in the life-size.
I reflect my inner and outer side in the mirror and use the clay to re-create the inside, outside and my surroundings.

The sculpture I make by wedging, slab building and fired several times are my own styles and reflects the society that is seen through my eyes.

It is important for me to make enjoyable art. I started to realize that we have good time and difficult time to live. Sickness maybe one of them, but also there are all kinds of obstacles in life. Art can be viewed by many people who may have some pain in their minds. I wish that people can get a smile on their face by watching my work.

Website: https://www.angelfire.com/hi2/tashimawork/

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