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Carving the Rim of a Plate for Variety

In this video, we can see Abe Haruya from Abe_Haruya adding a design onto the rim of his plate for variety.

How to Carve The Rim On The Plate

If you’re looking to add variety and interest to the rim of your plates then this video by Abe might help. Abe Haruya’s work focuses on faceting, design work on the center of bowls and plates, and simple yet elegant colors to accent his design work.

Abe starts planning out his design by using a pencil and making marks for each space that he will carve in. The benefits of using a pencil on greenware are that it will be burned out when it gets bisqued. He uses the edge of his trimming tool to carve lines in every other section of the rim of his plate. Once he is done with the lines that go in one direction in every other section he does the opposite in the remaining sections. At the end of the video when he displays the plate after carving we can see it really adds an interesting aspect to the rim to make it more appealing.

To see more of Abe’s work find him on Instagram @abe_haruya.


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