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How to Carve a Spiral Faceted Mug

In this video, we can see Abe Haruya from Abe_Haruya creating a spiral faceted cup.

Abe Haruya’s work focuses on faceting, design work on the center of bowls and plates, and simple yet elegant colors to accent his design work.

How To Create a Spiral Faceted Cup

This shows Abe doing a more dynamic faceting since instead of him coming straight down to the bottom of the form he curves his carvings along the form. He is sure when he carves this form and only goes over each section twice before starting the next section. Abe carves his form when they are slightly drier than leather hand since it allows more handling of his forms without them possibly getting damaged. At the end of Abe’s video, we can see how dynamic and dramatic his form now looks with the spiral faceting.

To see more of Abe’s work find him on Instagram @abe_haruya.


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