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Hey, my name’s Joshua, and I run The Ceramic School.

And some of the most frequent questions we get are…

“How can find customers?”
“How can I start a successful career in ceramics?”
“How can I make a living with my ceramics?”

Now, there are lots of ways to make a living with ceramics, and there have been literally thousands of very successful ceramic artists over the years…

Studio Potters, Production Potters, Sculptors, Ceramic Artists… all have found success… but usually by working alone, making mistakes, learning from their mistakes, and slowly moving forward, step by step…

I thought, wouldn’t it be great to interview some successful artists, collect their knowledge, and get some real business plans to follow, so that others could avoid making the same mistakes?

So, I sent an email to a handful of very successful, but completely different, ceramic artists… in it, I said…

“Dear Name, I hope you are well!

Let me ask you a quick question..

Imagine you were just starting out again today, but without your big name, your following, or your contacts.

You’re back at the beginning, and all you have is a small ceramics home studio, a phone line, an internet connection, your knowledge, and $1,000…

Knowing what you know today, what would you do to start your ceramics career and make your first sale?”

I wanted to know exactly what they would do, day by day… week by week…

• Would they set up shop In-Real-Life or Online?
• Would they do what they had done again, or would they have a shortcut?

• Would they choose to start Social Media? Email Newsletter? Giveaways?
• Would they decide to sell B2C or B2B?
• Would they choose to do custom commissions, shop drops, or wholesale?
• Would they approach shops & galleries, or perhaps apply for grants, shows and art fairs?

The aim was to get 10 detailed, yet different, business plans to follow… so that anyone with the skill and a passion for ceramics could follow them and find their own success.

Sure, everyone is different and success is not guaranteed… but with the right guide to follow, it’s much easier to succeed without making the same mistakes as the people before you.

We want you to succeed.

We need you in the world creating ceramics… and getting paid WELL for it.

That’s why we’ve also included lots more content to help you on your journey.

Inside this event you will find…

  • Pottery Business Workshops and Q&A’s from World-Famous Ceramic Artists – watch their masterclasses, and then jump on stage and ask them questions face to face.
    • How to Create your own business model: Sustainable Community Studio Model
    • Initiatives outside of the system
    • How to photograph your ceramics
    • How to Run the Residency Circuit
    • What’s Life after Grad school
    • The Social media side hustle
  • Clay Doctors – come and ask ceramic experts your questions, and let them try to fix problems that you may have.
  • Mentorship Sessions – come and speak to a mentor about your ceramics career!
  • The Ceramics Community! It’s an amazing weekend for connecting with the worldwide ceramics community. (We will also be having open discussions, games, and some challenges to win prizes)
  • Live panel discussions

At the end of this weekend, there will be no stopping you from being a successful ceramic artist!

What's inside the event?

Inside this live weekend event, you will discover:
What’s the best way to find customers?
How can you set up your own pottery business within 30 days?

How can you get amazing photographs of your work?
What’s the best way to use social media to sell your ceramics?

What’s the #1 thing you need on your artist statement?
How should you approach shops & galleries?

You get to Attend Workshops, Talks, and Q&As from:

How To Make a Lidded Jar with Carved Pattern
The making of a mythological character.
How To Make A Mignon Vase

Got a Problem? Ask our Clay Doctors.

Meet the Team

1 Carole
2 Fabiola
3 Bear
4 Josh

Carole Epp

Carole Epp:
Organizer & Moderator

Hey there! I'm Carole, aka Musing About Mud, aka completely obsessed ceramic collector, artist, writer, and curator.

I'm a maker of illustrative pottery filled with narratives of love, life and all aspects of the human condition. My passion for ceramics and community building began back in my undergrad, but let's not talk about how long ago that was!

It's decades later and I've since been involved with a lot of incredible projects over the years and am thrilled now to be a part of this event as well, helping to bring together artists and community.

IG: MusingAboutMud
Web: www.MusingAboutMud.com

Carole Epp

Fabiola De la Cueva

Fabiola De la Cueva:
Moderator, Challenge Master & Tech Support

Hola! My name is Fabiola, I go by Fab (as in fabulous and modest) 😉
My day job is a software engineer, the rest of the time, all my thoughts lead to a kiln. I love everything related to ceramics and glazes. My motto is to not become attached to clay, it is only mud.

I have been working with mud, as a hobby, since 2001 but I still consider myself a beginner because I have not figured out yet how to pull handles consistently. I love learning and I take as many workshops and classes as I can. I am continuously testing and exploring new techniques.

My clay work reflects my search of finding that elusive border right in between order an chaos. Currently, that search has me wandering through the world of geometric patterns and art and how I can translate them onto ceramics.

I love being a moderator for the Ceramic Congress where I can represent and give voice to shy clay enthusiasts everywhere. I feel like a groupie with a backstage pass. It is a privilege to get to meet so many wonderful ceramic artists around the world.

IG: fabs_designs

Fabiola De la Cueva


Hi, my name is Ya-Li Won, but everyone calls me Bear. I am originally from Taiwan, and have called Canada my home for the past six years. My first experience with clay was in 2018 at a beginner throwing class held by a community pottery group. Since 2021 I have been pursuing pottery full-time in my tiny home studio.

Clay gives me the feeling of freedom: that I can create anything I want. Even when I don’t have a clear idea in mind, I can follow my hands wherever they lead. The uncertainty of ceramic work attracts me, its slightly chaotic nature is an endless source of mystery and intrigue. My
ceramic work is mostly functional, incorporating bright colours, textures, and a sense of play. (They are mostly animals!)

Since learning of its existence in 2019, I have attended every edition of The Ceramic Congress. I feel very fortunate to be a member of a community which is so generous in sharing its experience and knowledge. Attendance has given me the unique opportunity to make connections with artists and craftspeople from all over the world. It is my honour to contribute to this exciting event.


Joshua Collinson

Joshua Collinson:
Founder of The Ceramic School

Hey, my name's Joshua, and I run The Ceramic School & The Ceramics Congress.

I studied Fine Art, then 3D Animation, and then ended up being a computer programmer and business coach. In 2016, after 10 years behind a desk, I decided that I wanted to connect with my creative side again. That's when I created The Ceramic School Facebook page as a way for me to share my passion for pottery.

In 2018 I wanted to travel to an American Ceramics Conference with my wife and two boys, but I could not afford the flights, the tickets, the accommodation, the restaurants... So I decided I would invite my favourite ceramic artists into my own home in Austria by organizing an online ceramics conference 🙂

Since 2019, I have been running 2 conferences each year. It's my aim to make The Ceramics Congress the best weekend of the year, and hopefully you will think so too!

FB: The.Ceramic.School
IG: The.Ceramic.School

Joshua Collinson

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