Bunnies in Clay

A project for your toddler.

Easter has come and gone and kids just love the fantasy world of a bunny delivering chocolate eggs and all the craft ideas that accompanies this season.

Having a toddler myself and being stuck at home now for week 3 of our Covid19 lockdown we need to start rolling up our sleeves, get creative and get dirty with the little ones in order to make it as fun for them as possible. Afterall they too need an outlet. And what better way than with clay.

I have planned an easy project for you to do at home with them. We are going to make colourful pendant bunnies. Who doesn’t like bunnies?

Free Rabbit Templates

What you would need is clay off course. Airdry clay is easy to get through Amazon if your local craft shop does not have in stock. Have a look on Amazon.

I chose a white-bodied clay as we want to paint the bunnies afterward. Acrylic paint works well on airdry clay once the clay has dried.

Find a comfortable spot for you and your little one to sit at. Cover the table with newspaper or a piece of material if you have. Next take out a bit of clay and roll it with a rolling pin to the desired thickness. I would suggest 0.5inches/just over 1 cm. Not too thin as to avoid breaking once it’s dry and ready to be hung.

Once you are ready you can cut out the bunny with a knife. Maybe do two or three. No bunny wants to be alone. I have provided you with an easy printable bunny template. You can choose the size you want to make it, but I would say no bigger than your toddlers’ hand.

You can now use a damp sponge and gently sponge down the bunny shapes and edges on both sides to make sure it’s nice and smooth. Your little one can help with this one.

Make a hole with a straw, if you have one, just below the edge between the ears through the head. The hole needs to be big enough for a string to fit through. Leave enough space from the edge so it’s strong enough to hang the bunny with a string like a Christmas ornament.

Let it dry overnight or if the instructions on the clay suggest to put it in an oven for a short period of time, do that. Remember you need to make sure you close your bag of clay or container as airdry clay is not workable if it’s left outside.

Now you are ready to paint. You can draw on the bunny with a pencil and let your kiddie paint it as colorful as he or she likes. Like I said acrylic paint works great. If you can’t find paint at your local craft store or if you don’t have at home, you can find some here on Amazon.

When it has dried, take a piece of string, loop through the hole and hang it up where everyone can see it. It is also a great idea to make bunnies for grandma and grandpa.

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