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How to Make a Cheese Bell and Plate

In this video, we see Dan from Ingleton Pottery demonstrating how to throw a cheese bell and plate on the wheel. Who is Dan of Ingleton Pottery? Dan is a potter from the Yorkshire Dales village of Ingleton, by the…

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DIY light box

How to Take Great Photos of Your Ceramics

When it comes to taking photos of your work it is important to know what to do and what to avoid in order to get the best possible photos. If you are trying to get into galleries, art shows, or…

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Best Music for the Pottery Studio

When it comes to working in the studio everyone has preferences for what environment they like to create in. Some people prefer silence, while others enjoy listening to music in order to help them work better in the studio. If…

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How to Emboss

How to Emboss

Embossing has been around for decades and is commonly used to create a raised texture on paper craft and cards.  Embossing is a very simple process – All you basically need is embossing glue, embossing powder and a heat gun.…

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How to Make a One Piece Lidded Jar

How to Make a One Piece Lidded Jar

In this video John Britt shows us how he creates a one piece lidded jar.

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Best Gadgets for The Studio

Best Gadgets for the Pottery Studio

Every pottery studio needs gadgets. Working can be made much more enjoyable if you have the right gadgets. Pottery studio gadgets can help make your environment livelier and make tasks easier to complete. The following 9 pottery studio gadgets that…

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make a juicer

How to Make a Juicer

In this video, we see John Britt showing us how he creates a juicer for fruits such as lemons, limes, and oranges. John Britt is a studio potter in Baskerville, North Carolina. John is a self-taught potter who has taught…

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Kiln Location

Kiln Location

Kilns are an essential tool for any potter and great care should be used when buying and installing a kiln, and one of the most important parts of getting a kiln is figuring out the kiln location. Disastrous events can occur…

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How to Make a Ceramic No-Spill Dog Bowl

How to throw a no-spill dog bowl!

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pottery without a wheel

Pottery Without A Wheel

There are many ways to create pottery without a pottery wheel, and this video from British Instructional Films shows you how you can: 1) Create a thumb pot. 2) Create a coil pot. 3) Create a coil duck sculpture. 4) Create a tile. And all of these things, plus many more can be created without the use of a pottery wheel.

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How to Throw a Pear

How to Throw a Pear

throwing a happy little pear?#pears #sculpture #porcelain #pottery #potteryvideos #clay #ceramics #wheelthrown #wheelthrownpottery A post shared by Don & Cristina (@fishpaint5) on May 8, 2017 at 2:30pm PDT In this video, we see Don from FishPaint5 demonstrating how he throws…

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How to Throw a Pumpkin

How to Throw a Pumpkin

Be sure to read the caption at the end of the video. The pumpkin behind me is a 200lb thrown piece from when I was young and crazy, still crazy but old?#pumpkin#clay #ceramics #wheelthrown #shino A post shared by Don…

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