How to use an Atomizer Sprayer / Glaze Sprayer

Atomizer Sprayer

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In this video Patricia Bridges of Bridges Pottery shows us how to use a “Glaze Sprayer” (Amazon) or “Atomizer Sprayer” to decorate your ceramics with glaze.

This is a great way to build up different layers and different patterns of glaze. Its fun to try out and experiment with, and can help give you a unique style. We recommend using amaco glazes.

What is an Atomizer Sprayer?

The first atomizer sprayer was created by Dr. Thomas DeVilbiss in the 19th century. He used it to produce a fine spray of a liquid – by using the Venturi effect.

Basically, when you blow into the horizontal tube, the air goes over the top of the vertical tube. This causes a difference in air pressure above the top of the vertical tube, and this difference in air pressure forces the liquid in the container to be ejected up the vertical tube – once at the top of the vertical tube, it is hit with the air passing horizontally and blown into thousands of tiny droplets. Get your own Atomizer here 🙂

Where can you buy an Atomizer Sprayer?

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